Chris Csak Wellness

A holistic wellness approach through mindful movement incorporating fundamental strength and aerobic conditioning, Stott Pilates and Yoga.

Why choose Chris Csak Wellness?

With a world-class education in the fitness, Chris Csak has been helping clients reach optimum health for over 15 years. A passion for health and fitness inspires the work to help clients reach their own aspirations and goals. With a focus on continuously improving expertise through workshops and seminars, Csak Csak is able to identify potential wellness needs in our everyday, ambitious lives. From strength training to Pilates, Yoga to aerobic conditioning, Csak Csak has had the opportunity to learn and teach around the world in a multitude of diverse settings and to a wide range of clients and abilities.

What can you do?

Personal Training

Whatever your goals or your limitations, Chris Csak Wellness has the tools and the experience to get you past any obstacles and on the road to success.

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Group Classes

High energy, motivating, and fun. Come and experience fitness in a group setting with Chris Csak Wellness.

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Corporate Classes

Chris Csak Wellness has worked with companies like LinkedIn and Bell, both on and off site, striving to increase employee wellness.

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What are clients saying?

Chris has provided my husband and I exceptional home-based personal training for 10 years. Through customized programming and the ability to draw on a wide range of exercise regimes, Chris has enabled us to achieve a variety of fitness goals over the years and remain active and injury-free as we enter mid-life.

—Teresa Day

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There is an abundance of health and wellness information out there. We’ve curated some of our favourites to help you keep abreast.

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